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Unsure when I first became aware I wanted children. Probably once I came out to myself and realised that having a partner and family was possible. Until then, I thought that I would just live alone (when faced with the heterosexual expectations of my future).


I started to think about it seriously once my partner and I entered a civil partnership. We are waiting to begin the process of treatment. So far, it has been very positive – our GP, the fertility assessment in Larbert and initial meeting at the fertility clinic.


They treat us positively and we are not made to feel inadequate or a hassle in any way. It is a process that seems – so far – to be focused on us and our future as parents, but it is stressful to think about travelling to clinics for treatment while trying to maintain working commitments. I have discussed our intentions with my line manager.


Our main sources of information have been two same-sex couples in different stages of the process. One family has just given birth, another is in the third trimester.


My advice to anyone who found themselves in my situation would be: it will be discouraging and slow if you are going to go the self-funded (not private clinics) route. Get informed and speak about EVERYTHING with your partner (if you have one).


You will both have different preconceptions that you are not aware of. Be really reflective about what you expect, think and visualise about the present, treatment and the future.

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