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Scottish LGBTI Equality Pledge

The Equality Network has been working for LGBTI equality in Scotland for over 20 years. In that time the landscape for LGBTI people in the UK has changed significantly. While many of those advances have been achieved in the Scottish Parliament, the Westminster Parliament too has played a valuable role to achieve the changes in law we need to further LGBTI equality.

With a General Election taking place in the UK on the 12th of December, we have an opportunity to ensure LGBTI equality and human rights are in the minds of our future Westminster MPs.

See which candidates have signed the pledge here.

We are calling on general election candidates to support the five pledge points below, which cover key issues for LGBTI people in Scotland that are reserved to Westminster.

Scotland has 59 MPs at Westminster, and we are asking candidates for those 59 seats to support our five point Scottish LGBTI Equality Pledge and are asking voters to contact their candidates urging them to support LGBTI equality – via our easy to use tool.

Like many people, we are strongly concerned by the increasingly abusive nature of some political discussion, and in particular, how this impacts certain groups of people including women and LGBTI people. We call for the campaign to be conducted with respect and without personal abuse.

Our five-point Scottish LGBTI equality pledge for the 2019 General Election.

  1. Brexit: In the event of Brexit, ensure that equality and human rights protections are maintained at least in line with evolving European standards.

  1. Asylum & International: Ensure that LGBTI people forced to flee persecution have access to asylum in the UK and are not held in arbitrary detention, and support LGBTI people in other countries working for equality.

  1. Trans equality: Oppose attempts to roll back trans rights. Recognise that trans people are historically marginalised and discriminated against, and take active steps to address this.

  1. Intersex: Following the UK Government’s recent call for evidence from intersex people and organisations, introduce effective protections for intersex people’s human rights.

  1. Rest of the UK: Support MPs from other nations of the UK, in appropriate ways to further LGBTI equality there.
See which candidates have signed the pledge here.

Devolved issues

Many other key LGBTI equality issues are devolved to the Scottish Parliament. These include education, health, hate crime, gender recognition law, and others. See our Holyrood manifesto 2016 for more details.