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The Holyrood manifestos 2016


This page looks at the various manifestos published for the Holyrood election 2016, focussing on LGBTI equality. The Equality Network’s remit is to work for LGBTI equality. We are party politically neutral, and we do not support any particular political party.

LGBTI Equality Manifesto 2016

You can read about the Equality Network and Scottish Transgender Alliance priorities for the 2016-21 Scottish Parliament session, in our LGBTI Equality Manifesto 2016.

Our colleagues at Stonewall Scotland and LGBT Youth Scotland have also published manifestos.

What the party manifestos say on LGBTI equality

This section extracts what the party manifestos say about key LGBTI equality issues. We have done this simply by quoting from each manifesto. We have only included quotes that relate directly and explicitly to LGBTI equality. We have only included quotes from the manifestos, not from other policy statements by the parties. Of course, there is much more, including more on equality generally, in each manifesto. We also fully understand that people do not make decisions on who to vote for based just on what each party says about LGBTI equality! You can access the parties’ full manifestos from the links at the foot of this page.


There are no references to LGBTI equality in the UKIP manifesto. Therefore, UKIP does not feature in the comparison below.

The Women’s Equality Party manifesto is entirely about equality. As with the other parties, we have included quotes in the material below where the text specifically refers to LGBTI equality.

Compare the manifestos’ LGBTI equality mentions on:

The party manifestos in full

Here we provide direct links to the various political party manifestos that we are aware of.