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Ending Conversion Practices in Scotland

Scottish Government Consultation

Thank you to everyone who responded to the Scottish Government consultation on ending conversion practices. The consultation has now closed.

The next step is that the Scottish Government will analyse the consultation responses and publish a report, as well as continuing to develop their policy on this. We hope that they will then speedily bring forward legislation in the Scottish Parliament. We will continue to update this page and our social media with any developments.

You can read our full response to the consultation here.

What are Conversion Practices?

Conversion practices are acts which deliberately try to change or suppress a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. They are based on the belief that it is better to heterosexual and/or cisgender, and that other sexual orientations and gender identities are somehow flawed, wrong or “broken”.

You can read more about what conversion practices are here.

Support for Survivors

Thinking about your response to this consultation may be stressful, and particularly traumatic if you are a survivor of conversion practice attempts.

If you are experiencing conversion practices now, have done in the past, or are worried you may you can get help and support here: https://www.lgbthealth.org.uk/services-support/conversion-practices/

International Human Rights Support

Spotlights on countries around the world that already have legislation in place to end conversion practices and calls from international human rights bodies encouraging other to do the same.

Read more

Proposed Legislation

More detail on the legislation to end conversion practices proposed by the Scottish Government in their January 2024 consultation

Read more

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