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URGENT CALL FOR ACTION: Act now to support LGBT mother Beverley

The Equality Network is very sad to hear that one of our valued volunteers, Beverley, and her 14 year old son, are being detained and are due to be flown back to Namibia on Thursday 24 March 2016. Some of you will have met Beverley at Pride Glasgow or during our intersectional training. During our trainings Beverley has been giving personal testimonies about how difficult her life was in Namibia because of discrimination against her sexual orientation and the violence she faced as a result.


We are working urgently with The Unity Centre, LGBT Unity community group and Positive Action in Housing to see if anything can be done.



The Unity Centre has set up an urgent petition. If you would like to sign it please go to: https://www.change.org/p/theresa-may-stop-imminent-removal-of-lgbt-mother-and-son-brutally-assaulted-by-ho-officers-in-glasgow

The Unity Centre says: “Beverley and her son have been a constant welcome presence in The Unity Centre. We admire the way in which Beverley has spoken out about her sexuality and also ongoing horrific treatment by the UK Home Office. The massive and immediate response to Beverley and her son’s violent raid, detention and planned removal from the UK is a testament to their connection to the Glasgow community. We genuinely fear for what could happen to the pair if they are forced to return to Namibia. Friends are working tirelessly to ensure legal representation is secured and that the campaign to stop this removal continues. The UK Home Office wish to send this family back to a place they fled without any country guidance to support their claim that the family will be safe; expert evidence in fact suggests the contrary. This is true of many countries where individuals are removed daily and the practice is unacceptable.”

Whatever happens, we all send our best to Beverley and her son. We are grateful for her courage and dedication to helping other LGBT asylum seekers and refugees in Scotland. Should she be sent back to Namibia we will miss her very much and be gravely concerned for her safety.

For any enquiries, contact:

Sam Rankin
Intersectional Equalities Coordinator
Equality Network
07747 040 355


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