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Media Coverage

This page features a small selection of media coverage and other videos of our current and past work. You can find more on our YouTube channel. We are currently campaigning for equal recognition for trans people. You can find out all about the campaign on our Equal Recognition website and watch Kate Adair’s Equal Recognition film.

You can also watch some older coverage and videos of our award-winning same-sex marriage campaign on our equal marriage YouTube channel.

An opinion piece by our Scottish Trans Alliance project Manager James Morton in The Guardian, 23 May 2018:
‘A woman on Wednesdays’? That’s just not how trans self-declaration works

An article in Holyrood.com, 30 April 2018:
The Gender Recognition Act, transphobia and Scotland

An article in the new Sunday Herald about the reform of the Gender Recognition Act by Oceana Maund, co-convenor of Trans Pride Scotland and one of our sessional workers based in our Scottish Trans Alliance project, 29 April 2018:
The big read: The truth about the trans panic

The Guardian’s article about our Equal Recognition campaign, 9 November 2017:
Legal recognition for non-binary people planned in Scotland

STV article about our Scottish LGBTI Hate Crime Report 2017, 12 October 2017:
Most LGBTI Scots ‘have been victims of hate crime’

BBC article about our Scottish sports charter, 5 August 2017:
Scottish football signs up for LGBT rights’

BBC article, 10 May 2017:
Effort to create a Gaelic glossary of LGBTI terms

STV article about our Hate crime project, 9 October 2016:
Tackling hate crime ‘an absolute priority’ says police chief

STV coverage of the equal marriage draft bill launch

Scotland Tonight debate on equal marriage

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