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I’m on the waiting list for assisted conception treatment at Ninewells (Dundee).


I’ve been in a relationship with my current partner for three and a half years. We started to think seriously about children a few years ago and decided to ask some of our male friends if they would help us and donate sperm. One came forward and we began to plan. However this fell through and we decided to go to my GP and ask for some assistance. That was a year ago.


I have had several blood tests and we were asked to see a counsellor to talk through some of the issues that may arise with having a child through a donor.


We have been told we should hear in August as I am due for treatment in September. I’m both nervous and excited at becoming a parent. My partner can’t wait too.


I hope it all works out and if it doesn’t then we turn to Plan B, and perhaps look at adoption.

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