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Anonymous V

I’ve always wanted children. We actively started trying to become parents around four years ago.


Our first choice was to adopt, as we felt that there were already so many children out there who needed a loving home. Unfortunately, we experienced pretty full on discrimination in the adoption process and after a year of being fobbed off, our paperwork being repeatedly ‘lost’ and general messing about, we were told outright that no-one would ever want to place a child with us.


We are now trying to conceive through IVF and there’s no reason to think that we won’t be successful, but we do still wonder about the children who we should have been parents to and feel sad.


There are so many children out there who need parents and yet we were prevented from offering them a home. It makes me angry that social workers who are supposed to be helping these children, actually prevented them from being placed in a loving, stable family.

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