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Compare the manifestos – Crime and justice

The Equality Network’s remit is to work for LGBTI equality. We are party politically neutral, and we do not support any particular political party.

Key LGBTI equality issues in crime and justice include the need for concerted action to reduce hate crime, and ensuring that the justice system respects trans people.

What our manifesto says on these issues

Below is what the party manifestos say in these areas. We have only included quotes that relate directly and explicitly to LGBTI equality or hate crime – of course there is more in the manifestos on other aspects of crime and justice. We also fully understand that people do not make decisions on who to vote for based just on what each party says about LGBTI equality! You can access the parties’ full manifestos from this page.

Scottish Greens

We will work to ensure provision of appropriate support services for LGBTI+ people who have been subject to domestic or sexual abuse (page 34).

Hate crime: Our Green MSPs will stand firm against hate crime and show leadership on tackling crimes motivated by prejudice based on race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability. We will work to improve research, data collection and reporting processes. (page 34)

We will call for more rights-based training for police and staff within the justice system on equality issues including hate crime, violence against women, trauma, and learning disabilities (page 34).

Scottish Labour

Labour believe that there should be a clear message that hate crime will be dealt with using the full force of the law in Scotland. We will adopt a zero-tolerance approach to hate crime, particularly that which is motivated by religion, race, sexual orientation and gender identity. Victims need to feel confident in coming forward and reporting incidents of hate crime – they want certainty that it will make a difference and that support will be there for them. (page 57)

Scottish Liberal Democrats

Tackle bullying, act on hate crime and add to the training of frontline professionals so they can always provide equal services for diverse groups of people (page 21).

Scottish National Party

We will aim to ensure that all police officers receive appropriate training to support the investigation of hate crimes and also work towards all new police and fire service recruits receiving equality training (page 37 of detail section)

Women’s Equality Party

BME women, disabled women, LGBT+ women, women who are living in poverty, suffering from addiction, or whose immigration status is insecure, often face deeper and different forms of violence (page 10).

[Violence against women] services need to be available and accessible to women who face multiple disadvantages, including disabled women, deaf women, women with mental health needs, LGBT+ women, refugee women, and women with uncertain immigration status (page 11).

Review the existing measures against hate crimes, including their efficiency on crimes against BME women, disabled people and LGBT+ people (page 12).


What the manifestos say on other issues