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Equal marriage bill final vote will be 4th February

The Scottish Parliament has agreed that stage 3 of the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill will be on Tuesday 4th February. This is the final stage, where MSPs will vote on amendments to the bill, and will then vote on whether to pass the bill.

The Equality Network is not seeking any stage 3 amendments to the bill, because the amendments we had proposed were made at stage 2. However, it is likely that opponents of equal marriage, such as the Scotland for Marriage campaign, will be promoting amendments that would roll back LGBT equality, and introduce unnecessary and discriminatory special legal “protections” for opposition to same-sex marriage.

It is vital therefore that we all contact our MSPs in advance of 4th February, to ask them to vote against any such amendments and to vote in favour of passing the bill.

You can do that in just a couple of minutes from our stage 3 campaign page.

There is more information on our stages of the bill page.


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