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As a pregnant woman, people think I must be straight. It annoys me sometimes.

I am very happily married to a man with a child and a bit [pats bump] but I’ve never considered myself to be straight. I’m bi.


When I was young, my mother would tell me that one day I would meet Prince Charming – or at least [smiles, then says in a Jewish accent] a doctor, a lawyer, a professional man. It took me a long time to come out to her.


When I did it was on the phone and I was in New Zealand. Her reaction amazed me. She said, “Are you? That’s interesting. I envy you.”


After all that time with me worrying about telling her, she blew me away.

She must have been married about 37 years by then. I often wonder what would have happened for her if she had been born 30 years later.


One of the greatest teachings I had was with my first girlfriend. She had had a child and the relationship with the father was over. She said, “Hannah, it’s not about being bisexual, it’s about falling in love with a person.”


People have said all my life, “If you’re bi you must be sitting on the fence” but I know I’m not 100% straight and I know I’m not 100% gay. I’m just open to possibilities and they change every day.


I’ve been lucky enough to meet a man who likes a strong woman. It’s not an open relationship but we are open to possibilities, me with women, him and men.


When you become pregnant people tend to see you only as one thing. Sometimes at the school gate I want to shout out, “By the way, I am not just a mother!” [Laughs]. “It just struck me, they think of me the way I thought of my mother.”

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