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Equality Network

30 Bernard Street


Phone: 07020 933 952

Email: en@equality-network.org
Website: https://www.equality-network.org

The Equality Network works for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality in Scotland.

The Equality Network was founded in 1997 as a national organisation working for LGBT rights and equality in Scotland. We are now a registered charity governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees.

In 2002 we received funding from the Scottish Government to increase the involvement of LGBT people and communities in the Government’s policy making process. This funded the majority of our paid staff between 2002 and June 2008.

From 1st July 2008, funding from the Scottish Government supports four Equality Network projects: Community Development, Information, Policy and Legislation, and Scottish Transgender Alliance.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission funds the Equality Network’s Minority Ethnic / LGBT Project, Everyone In.