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Gay Birders Club

GeeBeeCee, BCM Mono, London, United Kingdom


Email: contact@gbc-online.org.uk
Website: http://www.gbc-online.org.uk

The Gay Birders Club has been organising events and providing facilities for lesbian and gay birders since 1994. They are based in the United Kingdom but have built contacts throughout the world.

The main purpose of the Club is to bring LGBT birdwatchers together. This is done through the events held throughout the year. Since 1998, there have been over 100 events each year. These range from evening walks, weekend events at birdwatching locations and extended GBC holidays to international destinations such as Nepal, California, India, The Gambia, Costa Rica and Australia.

Every two years the Club also holds a Grand Get Together bringing as many members together in one place as possible for a weekend of socialising and birdwatching. Full details of events are available only to members, but the GBC Events section will give you an indication of the range of events on offer.

With such a friendly all-inclusive atmosphere, the Club attracts and welcomes members with all levels of birding experience.

Also see our e-group at: