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Gay Police Association

Gay Police Association Scotland, 173 Pitt Street, Glasgow

G2 4JS

Phone: 07092 700 213

Email: scotland@gpa.police.uk
Website: http://www.gpascotland.com/

Gay Police Association (GPA) Scotland is a national independent police staff association representing lesbian, gay and bisexual employees of the police services operating in Scotland.

The GPA aims are to:

  1. Work towards equal opportunities for LGB police service employees
  2. Offer advice and support for LGB police service employees
  3. Promote better relations between the police service and the LGB community

GPA Scotland is represented on the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the UK GPA by the Scotland Officer (elected by GPA members) and has local representatives, called GPA Force Coordinators and Contacts, across the country.

Telephone: 07092 700 000 (General Enquiries)

07092 700 213 (GPA Scotland)

Fax: 07092 700 1000

Media Enquiries Phone/Fax: 07092 700 212

For additional contact information and NEC post-holders please visit the UK GPA website: www.gay.police.uk

We are also a member of the European Gay Police Association