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HIV Scotland

Suite 2, 27 Beaverhall Road, Edinburgh


Phone: 0131 558 3713

Email: info@hivscotland.com
Website: http://www.hivscotland.com

HIV Scotland is the national HIV policy charity for Scotland. We want a society which is well-informed about HIV with excellent prevention and treatment services. We provide expertise to inform and deliver strong policies.

We work in partnership to equip professionals and volunteers with tools and information to develop evidence-informed policies and practice that meet the HIV-related needs of people in Scotland.

To protect yourself and others from HIV, condoms and lube are available by post from the HIV Scotland ‘Condoms by Post’ website (www.condomsbypost.org.uk). Once you have registered online, there is no charge.  This service is primarily for those who find it difficult to access condoms through usual outlets i.e. pharmacies, sexual health and GUM clinics, HIV, sexual health and gay men’s agencies, etc.