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Lesbians for a Republic

Email: High_Les@bigfoot.com

This is a new group just at its inception. Part of the wider Republic Scotland andRepublic movements. We have a lesbian base but our motivation is the political one of campaigning to replace hereditary monarchs as heads of state with a democratically elected alternative, thereby eradicating the nepotism of only one family being able to hold this important position, have access to millions in taxpayers’ money each year without proper accountability, and prevent access by the public to publicly owned palaces, castles, houses and an art collection of more than 100,000 pieces which the public can currently see only 10% of. We also want to tackle the current system’s inherrent classist, racist and sexist nature as it excludes anyone not born in one aristocratic white family and demotes the females of same by primogeniture. We want to radically refresh our political system by replacing this symbol of tyranny at its heart and pinnacle which is hundreds of years out of date, disenfranchises the people and makes hypocrites of this country as we go to war to ‘bring democracy’ while we can vote for less than half our own government – not for the House of Lords and not at all for our head of state. 

If you want to help to work for a fairer future contact High_Les@bigfoot.com, orrepublic@stirringthecauldron.co.uk for Republic Scotland.