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Organisation Intersex International UK (OII-UK)

Website: http://oiiuk.org/

In addition to the OII-UK website, there is also a OII-UK Facebook group.

The Organisation Intersex International (OII) is an organization devoted to systemic change to end the fear, shame, secrecy and stigma experienced by children and adults through the practice of non-consensual normalisation treatments for people born with atypical anatomy, chromosomes or other sex characteristics.OII-UK is the national affiliate to OII-International.

OII-UK works for the right of all people born intersex to personal autonomy and bodily integrity.

OII-UK does not adhere to the medical model of intersex embodiment. It supports the belief that intersex is a perfectly naturally occurring variation of human development, and clinical interventions remain motivated by a need to “minimise family concern and distress” and “mitigate the risks of “stigmatisation and gender-identity confusion”. Surgical interventions intrinsically focus on appearance, and not sensation or sexual function.

Most people born intersex identify as men or women. There is no reason for their bodies to be altered to fit that matrix.

Intersex is not about sexual orientation. People with intersex variations have as diverse a range of sexual orientations as non-intersex people.

Nor is Intersex about transition or gender identity; we have as varied a range of gender identities as non-intersex people. Intersex is primarily about the body, although intersex people may have an identity that is contingent on our embodiment and natural sex characteristics.

Intersex variations are always congenital and can originate from genetic, chromosomal or hormonal variations. Environmental influences such as endocrine disruptors can also play a role in some intersex differences. Intersex is not applicable to situations where individuals deliberately alter their own anatomical characteristics.