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Pink Castle Philosophy Club

Riverside Lounge, Glen Mhor Hotel, Ness Bank, Inverness


Phone: 07745 930 383 or 01463 751 258

Email: morgan@tramstop.org
Website: http://www.pinkcastle.eu

The Pink Castle Philosophy Club – It’s something to talk about…

This club is an opportunity for people to get together and discuss issues that affect all people everywhere in a way which is chatty and fun rather than overly intellectual and serious. What do we think and have to say about moral, political and scientific matters for example? What is the LGBT view of the wider world? The meetings are generally based around a philosophical question which can be put forward by any member of the club. For example:

‘We need to produce and use more in order that our society may thrive. Planet Earth seems to have other ideas. Could it really be possible for us to have it both ways?’

If this appeals to you this club meets at 7pm on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at Riverside Lounge, Glen Mhor Hotel, Inverness.