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I have a seven year old daughter with my ex-husband. When we reached the stage in our relationship where we felt children were the next step, we started trying almost immediately and I fell pregnant a year or so later.


I have always known that I wasn’t straight, but I had never been involved in a serious same-sex relationship. My husband and I broke up when our daughter was one.

Until I met my partner I was a single mother. When I met my partner, nearly a year ago, I knew the time had come (at 33!) to out myself to friends and family.


Thankfully, most of them were completely supportive and lovely.


Most of the concern expressed was about how my daughter was going to deal with it. Since I have raised her to be tolerant and not to judge (and as she was only six and doesn’t quite grasp the ‘different’ nature of our new family yet) she hasn’t even batted an eyelid.


My partner has moved in with my daughter and I, and we’re settling down into a happy family unit. I know my partner had never considered children before she met me, so this has been quite a journey for her.


There are not a lot of resources for LGBT step-parents. I know this is one of the hardest things my partner has had to face. She’s running blind. We only know of one other couple who have been in our situation, and they live in America.

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