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When I was growing up it was taken for granted I would find myself a suitable husband, get married and have children. I was 19 or 20 when my boyfriend and I first talked about our shared future. We married when we were both 22 and had three children in six years.


I have three adult children and a grandchild. I wouldn’t consider having another baby now but would consider co-parenting if I was with a younger partner who wanted a child.


My relationship with my children was very difficult when I first came out and got worse when I started a gay relationship. However, now they’re in their 20s things are fine.


I got involved in various LGBT projects and learnt that I was not alone and had nothing to be ashamed or guilty about. This helped me to stay strong until things got better. Find a group who can provide you with support and friendship. My main sources of support were others who were in similar situations and straight friends who didn’t start treating me differently when I came out.

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