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Well when I was 18 I discovered I had polycystic ovaries. I hadn’t actually thought of kids properly ’til then so I started thinking it was time to talk to my partner about it.


They weren’t keen so I left it and eventually we broke up.


In time I met my now wife Louise, a transgender woman, who was then Paul and just starting to transition (male to female).


We got together and spoke and we both agreed if we were going to have kids, it would better to be sooner rather than later due to Louise wanting to attend the gender clinic etc.


So within two months of us trying, we fell pregnant but didn’t realise until we were 7/8 weeks pregnant.


We are now 23 weeks, due a son and on the gender clinic waiting list.


We were judged by all our friends. Some even went as low as to say a miscarriage would be a blessing for the baby as it would be too confused with a “dyke mam and tranny dad.” I said, “It’s two lesbian mams, nothing else.”


There is hardly anything out there for trans people and their partners. We’ve been told that we don’t fall into the LGBT category as its anatomically a woman and a man.


We’ve even had hospital staff ask us about the situation, asking Louise, “Are you in fancy dress?” Then when we say no, it’s: “Oh, OK then.”


When I say, “That’s my wife, the other mother of my child,” they look at me funny then lean in close and ask, “If she’s your wife, how did you get pregnant?”


I say, if you’re happy with the situation, don’t let anyone get you down! You’ll be great parents no matter what branch of the LGBT umbrella you’re under!

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