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EveryoneIN is Scotland’s only funded project that focuses on the intersections of race and religion with gender identity and sexual orientation. The project is run in equal partnership with Black and Minority Ethnic Infrastructure in Scotland (BEMIS) and was previously funded by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).

EveryoneIN promotes the inclusion of Minority Ethnic Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (ME/LGBT) people in services through:


We provide tailored one-to-one mentoring for activists that want to focus on the ME/LGBT intersections. Community Champions provide personal testimonies at our trainings and events; get support with their own activism activities and help us run information stalls at Prides and other events.


We have set up two local Action Groups. One in Glasgow, and one in Dumfries. The Action Groups bring a wide variety of different organisations together to network and do partnership work that is focused on the ME/LGBT intersections.


We provide both bespoke and general training sessions for organisations on how to better include ME/LGBT people in services.


We have produced the first Scottish research reports on the inclusion of ME/LGBT people in services: the EveryoneIN report, 2009, and on the situation for LGBT asylum seekers and refugees in Scotland: the Safety, Sanctuary and Solidarity report, 2011.

These reports can be downloaded from our intersectional resources page.