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Take action now to support the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill!

Say I do to equal marriageIf it is passed on 4th February, the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill will introduce same-sex marriage in Scotland and take us a long way towards full marriage equality.

However, there is well-funded and organised opposition to the bill from some conservative religious organisations and the “Scotland for Marriage” campaign. They are trying to stop the bill, or to amend it to allow a wide range of organisations, including registrars and schools for example, to opt out of equality requirements and discriminate against LGBT people. We cannot afford to be complacent and assume that the bill will pass without these amendments.

It is vital that everyone who supports equality takes action to support the bill in advance of the final debate on 4th February!

Please take action now, by doing one or more of the following:

  • If you are in Scotland, please email your MSPs to ask them to support the bill
  • If you are outside Scotland, please email Scotland’s political party leaders in support of the bill
  • Scotland for Marriage have spent an estimated £50 – 100,000 opposing the bill. Our budget is much smaller and all of our campaigning is funded by your donations. Every penny you donate via the red button here will be spent on the Equal Marriage campaign.