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Supporting People

The Equality Network supports the development and sustainability of LGBTI groups across Scotland and has done since 2001. We provide one-to-one support, develop leaders, deliver training and residential events; and publish resources focused on the priorities of groups.

We know from experience that LGBTI groups are often the first point of contact for those looking for support. While we as groups or individuals may want to help, we do not always have, or may not feel we have, the knowledge, training, and confidence to provide such support.

Signposting people to organisations with professional experience is one of the most important things we can do. We should do this wherever we feel out of our depth, or if we feel someone else may be better equipped to help. This should not prevent us from being able to listen and make space for others.

In this resource, Supporting People, we explore the theme of mental health, how it affects LGBTI people, and the techniques we can employ to talk to those living with mental ill-health.

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