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27 October 2013   |    News

Our new book for LGBT people wanting to be parents

Front coverThe Equality Network has today published a new book, ‘LGBT Pathways to Parenthood’, aimed at LGBT people who are considering parenthood. In the book, which was compiled and edited by Heather Walker, LGBT people share their personal experiences of becoming parents.

Those experiences include donor insemination (whether through a clinic or at home), co-parenting, adoption and surrogacy. The book meets an identified need for case studies to help other LGBT people who would like to become parents.

We are hugely grateful to everyone who told their story, and to LGBT Youth Scotland and LGBT Health and Wellbeing who were our partners in the compilation of the stories.

The book is available here in print from Amazon (215 pages A4) and as a kindle edition, a pdf, and in browsable format on this website.


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