Our Work

Our Work

Advice and Support

We provide a range of advice and information for organisations, including public sector, voluntary sector and private sector bodies, and for LGBTI organisations and people seeking to establish LGBTI organisations.

For individual advice or support about personal issues relating to sexual orientation or gender identity, we recommend contacting the LGBT Helpline Scotland, or for young people, LGBT Youth Scotland.

A Fair Scotland For LGBTI People

Embracing diversity is a central part of what it means to be a modern, innovative and democratic nation that is at ease with itself. We therefore strongly believe that LGBTI equality and rights are good not just for LGBTI people but for the whole of Scotland: a Scotland that is healthier, wealthier, safer, fairer, easier, greener and smarter. Scotland can be none of these things if a significant proportion of its population continue to face discrimination and exclusion within their professional, personal, cultural and social lives.

We do not believe that LGBTI rights are in any way special rights; rather we campaign for the rights guaranteed under the European Convention on Human Rights to be truly accessible to LGBTI people. We believe that the discrimination and inequalities LGBTI people can experience, and are at risk from, are contrary to universal principles of social justice and fairness and that such discrimination also has harmful and serious consequences for individuals, communities and society as a whole.

Our work is directly and continually informed by consultation and engagement with Scottish LGBTI communities themselves. We do this on an issue by issue basis. We also regularly carry out large scale consultations to identify LGBTI people’s major priorities which form the manifesto for our overall work.

Our Strategic Approach

In order to bring about our vision of an inclusive Scotland which celebrates diversity and where all LGBTI people are treated fairly we take a balanced approach, working at national, community, individual and cultural levels.

At a national level we seek to ensure the best possible approach to LGBTI equality from the Scottish Government and other national bodies by being an authoritative provider of information, advice and consultancy on LGBTI equality and rights in legislation, policy and strategy.

At a community level we seek to engage and empower LGBTI communities to promote our equality and rights through community engagement and developing the capacity and skills of LGBTI groups and organisations.

At an individual level we seek to ensure that LGBTI people are informed about and are empowered to access their rights.

At a cultural level we promote social values and attitudes which are supportive of LGBTI rights, equality and inclusion.

Intersectional team

Our intersectional work is aimed at helping organisations become more inclusive of all their service users and respect every part of their identity. We work with a variety of organisations with diverse expertise, exchange awareness-raising sessions, and speak to intersectional service users.

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