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Reproductive Rights and Health

Reproductive rights are a fundamental human right, as is equal access to health and fertility services. However, LGBTI+ people often have these rights breached and face discrimination and prejudice in mainstream healthcare, and unequal access to these services. In 2019, the Equality Network conducted a survey focusing on the experiences of reproductive health and fertility services of the LGBT population in Scotland.

The survey had over 700 responses. We found that experiences were very different for cis lesbian and Bi+ (LB+ women), and for trans respondents. For that reason, we have written two reports: one looking at cis LB+ women’s experiences and another looking at trans people’s experiences. Of course a significant number of respondents were both trans and LGB+, and their experiences are included in the report looking at the experiences of trans people.

Both reports qualitatively explored our findings about contraception use, cancer screenings, pregnancy and pregnancy services, fertility treatment, fertility and the law, surrogacy, breastfeeding, and abortion services. They also discussed recommendations for these service providers on how they can better include LGBT+ people.

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