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Including Asexual People in Services

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Draws on asexual specific research and guidance to provide a simple intro to asexuality and a guide for service providers on how to include asexual people. This booklet will provide you with the foundations to start thinking about simple changes to your practice that can ensure you are creating an inclusive service in which asexual people can participate fully.

The term asexual, or ace, refers to people who experience little or no sexual attraction to other people. As part of the diverse spectrum of human sexuality, asexuality is a sexual orientation like straight, lesbian, gay and bisexual.

Some key tips for ace inclusion are:

  1. If someone comes out to you as ace, believe them, accept their relationship choices and support them. Remember, meaningful relationships don’t need to include sex. As with anyone else, don’t ask intrusive questions about their sex life.
  2. Remember that ace people can also identify as gay, lesbian, bi or pan romantic.
  3. The language we use has power to include or exclude. If you want to include ace people, mention them by name, and don’t use language which implies that everyone is seeking sex or romance.
  4. Learn to recognise ace-erasure and acephobia and challenge it when you witness it. Speaking out helps to educate others and make environments more inclusive.

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