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15 January 2024   |    News, Press releases

The Equality Network appoints new Chief Executive

Photo of Dr Rebecca Crowther, new CEO of the Equality Network. Surround includes the Equality Network's logo and strapline: "Creating change together LGBT equality in Scotland"

The Equality Network, a leading national LGBTI equality and campaign organisation in Scotland, has today appointed a new Chief Executive, Dr Rebecca Crowther.

The organisation’s previous leader, Tim Hopkins, is retiring as CEO today after 27 years with the Equality Network and 14 years as its head. Following an open recruitment process over the past few months, the Equality Network’s Board has appointed Dr Crowther as CEO to take the organisation forward into the future. She was previously the Equality Network’s Policy Manager.

Rebecca Crowther said, “I am excited to lead Equality Network into the future. Equality Network has achieved so much, and we aim to achieve so much more. Our priority will remain, as it always has been, to improve the lives of LGBTI+ people all over Scotland, and to do that in collaboration with our community, our partners, and our allies.

“We have a lot of work to do and many challenges ahead – It is my job now to continue the powerful and positive work of Equality Network, and to support my team in achieving tangible, effective and progressive change.

“My number one priority is to ensure that we are stable, strengthened & galvanised and doing what we do best – effecting meaningful change based on evidence, need, and lived expertise. I will do this with the wellbeing of our staff and our community at the forefront of my mind.

“We are energised and we have clear priorities for action. We are developing a renewed strategy to deal with the current threats to the progressive realisation of equality and rights. I will do all I can internally, and in collaboration with our partners and the LGBTI+ community across Scotland, to build on our foundations, our strength and organisational sustainability, to ensure that Scotland moves towards the inclusive future we all deserve – ultimately, to create real and lasting change for the better.

“I thank Tim for his decades long commitment to the cause and for everything he has done for our community in Scotland over his lengthy career, and through his tireless campaigning and collaboration. We wish him a long and restful retirement, he more than deserves it!”

Robert MacBean, convener of the Equality Network’s Board, said, “’I want to thank Tim Hopkins for everything he has done for LGBTI+ equality over nearly three decades working for us and for a lifetime of activism on behalf of others. And I welcome Dr Rebecca Crowther as our new Chief Executive; she is an exceptional advocate who will be leading a great team.”

Tim Hopkins said, “It has been a huge privilege to work in the Equality Network for LGBTI equality in Scotland over recent decades, and to do that alongside wonderful colleagues both within the Equality Network and Scottish Trans, and with our many partners. I am sure that the Equality Network will go from strength to strength under Becky’s leadership, and it will continue to have my full support.”

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