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8 July 2020   |    News

Funding Announcement

We welcome the news that a partnership of LGBTI organisations including, Equality Network; LEAP Sports Scotland; LGBT Youth Scotland; and LGBT Health and Wellbeing, has been awarded £87,700 from the Scottish Government’s Supporting Communities Fund via The National Lottery Community Fund.

For our share of the funding the Equality Network will be distributing £26,250 directly to LGBTI led community groups and organisations to support their COVID response.

There is an additional £10k to support online Pride and cultural events. This may include support for purchasing software and payment for artists.

And finally there is a £20k fund to support LGBTI community organisations and groups to enfranchise LGBTI people facing digital poverty.

We will be working directly to disseminate this money to the groups that need it as quickly as possible,

This fund is designed to be as easy to access as possible, and as such is not intended for large grants. Groups and organisations needing more substantial support should either apply directly for COVID-19 relief funding, as many organisations have already done. Alternatively for grants of upto £15k groups can register interest in our LGBTQ+ Fund, in partnership with METRO Charity, NAZThe Rainbow ProjectUmbrella CymruYorkshire MESMAC and Birmingham LGBT, which will be cascading £585,000 in Comic Relief money raised during ‘The Big Night In’. More information here.

Funding Criteria

We have set out the following fund criteria to ensure maximum benefit for LGBTI community organisations and groups across Scotland:

There may be exceptions, especially to ensure the representation of under represented groups within the LGBTI community, which we are happy to discuss.

If you are an LGBTI sports group specific funding is available through our project partner LEAP Sports Scotland, more information here.

Neil Ritch, Director, National Lottery Community Fund Scotland said, “We know LGBTI community groups have significant experience in responding to challenges so they are well placed to support people and communities across Scotland as they look to support a local response to COVID-19.

“This Scottish Government Supporting Communities Fund award of £87,700 will make a key difference to many LGBTI people, helping them become more resilient in the face of this crisis.”

As well as direct funding support for LGBTI groups, sports groups, young people and asylum seekers the funding includes support for online prides, LGBTI social and cultural events, and a package of support for LGBTI people facing digital poverty.

Scott Cuthbertson, Development Manager, Equality Network said, “LGBTI people and groups have faced significant challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, we welcome this funding that will support many LGBTI groups and people as we move to the next stage in this pandemic. We will work to swiftly disseminate this money directly to those that need it.”

Hugh Torrance, Executive Director of LEAP Sports Scotland said, “It is vital to work to mitigate any disproportionate impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has on LGBTIQ+ communities, and community organising efforts are central to that. We are pleased to be a part of this partnership to ensure that sport and physical activity groups and initiatives are able to benefit and able to play their critical role in our journey through this pandemic.”

Dr Mhairi Crawford, Chief Executive of LGBT Youth Scotland said, “We welcome the news of funding to support young people to access technology and data to engage with our services and receive vital 1:1 support from our expert team of youth workers.

“It is often assumed that young people have everything that they need to be able to make digital connections, but this isn’t always the case. We know that LGBT young people can experience high levels of poverty or lack access to the basic resources that they need to access digital support. This funding will allow them to access the support that they desperately need.”

Maruska Greenwood, Chief Executive, LGBT Health and Wellbeing said, “LGBT Health and Wellbeing are delighted to share in this award, which will bolsters our ability to support asylum seekers and refugees. This award will make a real difference to some of the individuals we are working with through our LGBT Refugee Project, many of whom were already very vulnerable, but have now been disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 crisis, and face severe hardship and destitution.”

The work will now commence to distribute the funding to where it is needed. The application was led by the Equality Network, with each organisation receiving funding for areas of work they lead on.

The amount granted to each organisation is £60,550 to Equality Network, £15,650 to LEAP Sports Scotland, £6500 to LGBT Youth Scotland and £5000 to LGBT Health and Wellbeing.

LGBTI organisations and groups in Scotland can express interest in the available funding here. Should you have any questions about the fund please contact scott@equality-network.org

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