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20 June 2014   |    News

The Commonwealth Games and LGBTI equality

In July, athletes and representatives of the 53 Commonwealth nations will gather in Scotland for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. During the games we want LGBTI equality and human rights to be high on the political agenda surrounding the games and ensure the visibility of LGBTI people from across the Commonwealth.

We will be creating an exhibition, booklet and website entitled ‘LGBTI people of the Commonwealth’ which will be shown as part of the games festival programme. Together with key partners, we are hosting a one-day conference ‘LGBTI Human Rights in the Commonwealth’, on July 18th. We will have a highly visible presence focussed on the Commonwealth, at the Pride Glasgow March on 19th July, and we are organising a petition and events to call for LGBTI human rights in the Commonwealth.

More details are available here


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