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29 May 2015   |    News

What are your LGBTI equality priorities for the next Scottish Parliament election?

survey reportHave your say on the LGBTI equality priorities for the next Scottish Parliament: www.equality.hwyr.co.uk/2021/sp16

The next Scottish Parliament election (May 2016) could have a significant impact on the progress of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) equality and human rights in Scotland for years to come.

The Scottish Government and Parliament will decide changes to the law as well as policies, expenditure and initiatives in a wide range of areas that affect LGBTI equality, including education, health, policing, the justice system, gender recognition, family law, culture, media and sport.

The Equality Network has launched a consultation to find out which LGBTI equality issues you want the political parties to address in their manifestos at the coming election, and what LGBTI equality measures you would like to see the next Scottish Government and Parliament prioritise: www.equality.hwyr.co.uk/2021/sp16

Your response will help inform our work in the run-up to the election and beyond, and we hope it will also influence the pledges that Scotland’s political parties make in their manifestos next year.

While this consultation is primarily aimed at LGBTI people it is also open to non-LGBTI people. The survey is anonymous and should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. If you have any questions about the survey please contact: tom@equalitynetwork.org

All of the Equality Network’s campaign work, including this consultation, is funded entirely by donations. If you would like to support our work for LGBTI equality please consider making a donation or becoming a Friend today: www.equality.hwyr.co.uk/2021/support-us

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